Personal work including Character Drawings/Designs and Illustrations below - More on my IG


I'm currently working on a personal project, a sapphic + martial arts comic called Onti!Read it for free on Tapas or Webtoon!
Onti is still in development, I will be working on and updating it a few pages at a time.
You can support me working on it on my Patreon!
Themes - Action / Fantasy / Comedy-Drama / Sapphic
Onti focuses on my characters Keisha, Aariyah and Jaylin who reside in a fictional city called Ocho; Their largely peaceful life of leisure, hanging out and martial arts training is interrupted by their individual work-life responsibilities and increasing instances of people using their Elemental abilities in abnormally powerful ways for lawlessness and misconduct.

Commission info

Chibis / Twitch Emote & Badge Art / Character Drawings • Commissions OPEN to PREVIOUS clients
I work Part-Time and on my personal project so I'm quite busy!
Brief Terms! - Full terms here
• Payment is taken upfront through PayPal invoice + Prices are in GBP
• I DON'T DO Pepe Emotes, Portraits or Logos
• I DON'T accept work intended for NFT/Crypto/Blockchain use and
commissions may NOT be used for this purpose.
• Intent on doing Merch? Please mention this for a quote
• I'm entitled to turn down a commission
• References are required
• I won’t offer refunds after the commission(s) has been started
• Inquiries : Email -or- Twitter DM •

Chibi Artwork

Chibi Artwork
£50 Flat Chibi
£75 Rendered Chibi

Similar terms apply for Chibis as Twitch Emotes / Badges
• Will accept Chibis of Real People / Personas
• No NSFW, detailed backgrounds, complex armour, logos, portraits or animations.

Twitch Emotes & Badges

£25 GBP per Emote
£25 per Badge Design
+£5 per addition
£30 - £40 - Set of 5 Recoloured Badges

• No Pepe Emotes / Nothing against Twitch Guidelines
• £10 - £25 for Major Revisions
• Will accept Emotes / Badges of Real People or Personas
Additions refers to adding things to the base badge design such as Hats/Glasses/Other minor objects
If you're interested and unsure about pricing please get in touch with your ideas!

Character Artwork

Character Drawings
£120 Headshot / Bust
£150 Half Body
£200 Full Body

The above work is coloured and shaded, some illustrations can be seen here
CHARACTERS, not People!
• No NSFW, but Pin Ups are fine
• No new designs - These are fixed prices for existing characters, if you want a Character Design, please get in touch for Freelance work
• No detailed backgrounds, complex armour, logos, portraits or animations.
• Additions to a character may cost extra

Commission Terms & Boring (but important) Info

Terms - Last Revised 5/2/22• Please make sure to follow the basic guidelines that were outlined in the commission info page as well!
• I don't accept Character Artwork commissions that aren't strictly of characters. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone!
• I don't accept work intended for use in NFTs, Cryto or the Blockchain.
• For other types of work not listed (e.g Character Design) please get in touch for Freelance work.
• I reserve the right to decline a commission.
• I don't offer Advanced / Rush Fee commissions - please don't request a commission if you're not ready to pay.
• Prepare references and be specific!
• Once the commission(s) has been completed, any credit referring to my name (Mudavaye) or social media (preferably my Twitter or IG) is expected and highly appreciated!

Pricing/Payment• Prices are listed in £/GBP (Great British Pounds)
• Once details are confirmed I will send a PayPal invoice - Commissions won't be started until it's paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date.
• Price of the commission may change depending on the amount of details needed
• Commissions are non-refundable - I will only offer a refund if I am for whatever reason unable to fulfill the commission.
• Tips are appreciated but are non-refundable + details must be discussed. I reserve the right to decline if you tip only with the intention to commission.

Regarding Apparel & Commercial Stuff• All commissioned work may of course be used for Non-Commercial use (avatars, banners, icons etc) and Commercial use (monetised videos and streams);
This does not include Merchandise
• If you intend to use commissioned work for Merch purposes, please specify this in the commission request for a quote or get back in touch at any time following commission completion!
• Quotes vary per client / piece.

Other info, Turnaround, Legal tings ‘n dat• I aim to take no longer than 1 month to complete commissions where possible, but turnaround time may be affected by other projects / commissions.
• I'll send sketches and updates as frequently as necessary
• When commissioning me you agree that the work is being used solely for the purpose communicated, that I retain rights to the work (check Apparel & Commercial for more info) and I can post it to social media for self promotion / to my portfolio, and that unless otherwise communicated, I can potentially stream the process to my Twitch channel.
• Requesting changes: If multiple changes are requested it will incur an additional charge.
• Major changes after the commission is completed will incur an additional charge.
• Please do not alter or copy the final work in any way
• I will only send the necessary files for the purpose purchased; You'll only receive full resolution images (for Twitch work) if a merch fee was purchased.
• Commissions are non-refundable unless work wasn't started for any reason.
Inquiries : Email -or- Twitter DM

Twitch Art Examples

Here are some of my best examples of emote and badge commissions I've done over the course of my time as an emote artist on Twitch!



Character & Chibi Art Commission Examples

Here are some examples of Character art and Chibis I've done!


Character Art


My name is Natalie (she/they), and I'm an artist from the UK.
I enjoy doing storytelling and character driven work, and I'm currently working on a comic involving my characters!
Other hobbies of mine include gaming, capoeira, animating and making music in my spare time, and I'm interested in travel.

• Nottingham Trent University School of Art & Design - BA (Hons) Animation (2017 - 2020)
• Birmingham Ormiston Academy for Games Development & New Media (2015 - 2017)